Cleverly disguised as a literacy teacher by day, A.P.O.S.T.L.E. transforms into a lyrical superhero for justice by night. His super powers include, a dynamic wordplay and vocabulary which he uses to masterfully conquer social issues, mass media, corrupt politicians, and sucka emcees all in a single bound. By joining forces with fellow superhero DJ Quest, this dynamic duo’s live performance is easily the most powerful Hip Hop stage show in the universe.
The new Album, Lyrical Activism features DJ Quest (Bulletproof Space Travelers), Viveca Hawkins, and fellow Heavyweight Dub Champion member Stero Lion. Lyrical Activism features beats by Etheric Double (Resident Anti-Hero), and was co produced by legendary producer Mark Pistel (Meat Beat Manifesto, Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, Consolidated, MC 900 ft Jesus). The electro-dub-hop sound-scape is the perfect surface for A.P.O.S.T.L.E.’s intensity. He’s created a lyrical force field where materialism, misogyny and nonsense rhymes cannot penetrate. By contrast to the norm, listeners become engaged, informed and inspired. This leaves A.P.O.S.T.L.E. as the last man stand in above a sea of mediocrity in a dying genre.

With an extensive tour history around the US in festivals and clubs with his former band Heavyweight Dub Champion, this soldier has earned his stripes as a live show veteran. He has additionally cultivated undeniable name recognition in his hometown of Denver CO. for his work as a grassroots community activist, performance poet, ghostwriter, and performer. Recently A.P.O.S.T.L.E. relocated to the Bay Area to combine    all of these efforts into one project. Lyrical Activism is his definitive work that will definitely   be an underground classic.

A superhero’s work is never done. There will always be crowds to rock, microphones to rip and injustice to address. Whether it is the clubs, parties, festivals, lecture halls, classrooms or street corners A.P.O.S.T.L.E. will be there. He has stepped up to answer the call of the masses of Hip Hop fans that are eager for change. We have waited long enough, the time has now come.

Black Sheep Publicity

Leah Hunter


The Golden Science of Life and the “Mathematics of Love”
Short Article by:
Chad Ashley Vandenberg
It is interesting to note that an early but growing body of evidence seems to suggests that at the very same moment that we feel, emotionally, a wave of love, all of the body’s bio-rhythms move into one harmonious rhythm that relates to itself according to the mathematics of infinity. The brain-waves, breath, cranial sacral pulse, heartbeat, and heart wave harmonics form patterns during peak experiences based on the same mathematics that result in fractal imagery when you put it into a computer.
Any emotional sensation that feels like your heart has wings, allows the brain-waves, breath, cranial sacral pulse and heartbeat, and heart wave harmonics to form an intricate pattern that allows each ofthe bio-rhythm frequencies to add and multiply their harmonic scales to a “zero- point” of infinite frequency. Some researchers claim that when the harmonic frequencies generated by the pressure waves of the heartbeat demonstrate this fractal geometry, then the waves synergize and “phase-lock” with the cranial sacral pulse which then “pumps” the brainstem, causing the amygdala to secrete potent neuro-chemistries into the high brain neo-cortex as food for the pineal gland which the Egyptians called the “seat of the soul”. Another way of saying that when the head and heart are in harmony, our heart spreads wings and we are free!! Emerging research into the nature of consciousness reveals that the feeling of love produces a mathematic relationship between all the frequencies of the body’s biorhythm’s that allows them to “co-here”, (occupying the same space and time) without interference or friction. The mathematic relationship that allows this seemingly impossibility is called phi. Phi is a relationship between parts that allows the parts to “share the same space” and “go to the zero-point” like only lovers can. Everywhere love is present it leaves a “fingerprint” that can be measured in terms of “phi”. This fingerprint of love can be found in the mathematics of galaxies, ancient pyramids, plants, nautilus shells, and every aspect of our own physical bodies. Since the days of the first mathematicians and philosophers in ancient times, this ratio has been referred to as the “golden ratio” or the “Golden Mean” by Pythagoras. This ratio, present at the moment of experiencing Love, is the same ratio that allows the mathematics of infinity to be expressed in physical form. This amazing ratio is called the “golden ratio” because gold is the element that perfectly expresses the fractal nature that all life uses to create a form capable of holding self-awareness.

Leah Hunter
Black Sheep Publicity

Golden Dreams
Is it possible that the atomic frequency patterns created by the orbiting electrons of certain elements can entrain the brain to harmonic rhythms correlated clinically with increased dream lucidity?

Is it possible that certain elements play a crucial role in the bodies ability to produce neuro-peptide brain chemistries associated with greater cognition and awareness for both the waking state and the dreaming mind as well?

These are important questions given that as humans we spend a great deal of our life sleeping and dreaming. Eating for peak athletic performance is common among those in competitive sports. Eating or supplementing for peak mental performance, cognition and clarity is now a strong component of some of the most powerful eating trends of our modern era including the living food and superfood movements that we see are quickly becoming revolutions in alternative health circles.

Those who value their dreams and the dreaming mind are discovering that it is also possible to use their understanding of nutrition to spice up their dream life with more lucidity than ever before. We all have the capacity for lucid dreaming, lucid living, and expanded states of consciousness. Often though, the achievement of theses states is a challenge for the biology of the practitioner. A demineralized body might require 20 years meditating in silence in a dark cave to have an enlightenment experience while still embodied. It’s like a minnow swimming up stream. It can be done but it takes more time effort and energy expenditure. A fully mineralized and detoxified body though, is like a crystal tuner and able to receive and transmit on a full bandwidth of frequencies provided by the presence of all the elemental building blocks that we call minerals. This theory is supported scientifically at the biological level when we see that every emotion and very state of mind correlates precisely with a specific neuro-bio-chemistry profile.
These neuro-peptides and the endocrine glands that produce them all depend extensively on specific mineral and elemental building blocks being present. According to the geological record many of these of these minerals have been missing or depleted from the soil systems for thousands of years.

One of the rarest of these elements that can positively affect our brains capacity for increased cognition and lucidity weather dreaming or awake, is gold. That’s right good old fashion GOLD …the stuff they used to make coins out of! Gold has been used by many cultures from around the world in an edible form since the beginning of recorded history! The ancient Egyptian, Chinese and Aurvedic herbal traditions have been using gold for increased mental emotional clarity and increased dream lucidity for over 4000 years! Ancient “alchemists” used certain dietary practices including the use of gold tonics for physical rejuvenation and inner transformation. They spoke of transmuting lead into gold. Most researchers agree “lead” and “gold” referred to mental and emotional states of being. These cultures used the elements to “tune the mind and body” to the qualities of the elements. The Element of gold was considered to posses the qualities of the sun, the light of consciousness, awakeness, mental clarity and full spectrum emotional balance. Philosophers of Greece, Egypt and India used gold the way a piano tuner uses a tuning fork. Just as a tuning fork has a characteristic tone that defines it, likewise, each element was thought to have its own sub-atomic tone or frequency (produced by the orbiting electrons around the nucleus of an atom). Many now believe that this characteristic sub-atomic tone can have a very noticeable effect on mood and attitude, just like the tones of music, can uplift or make sad, or even move you to dance. The tone or vibration of 24 karat Gold is reputed to increase light hearted-ness, mental clarity and an optimistic attitude. We make no claims but we have been using it ourselves for years… and Love it! Although gold does not yet have an FDA established recommended daily allowance, a growing body of research indicates that gold may indeed play a significant role as an element supporting a broad spectrum of mental and physical processes. One scientific theory is that gold increases the efficiency of the nervous system by creating conductive pathways in the fluid between the cells so your brains electrical signals can be transmitted with less resistance. This theory may be proven or disproven with future research. We do know however, that the body needs a full-spectrum of trace elements and nutrients to experience the true human potential for mental clarity, physical energy, and emotional well-being. Mineral depletion of the soil is prevalent and humans now have far less of many of the rare trace elements once found in the food chain. What will effect will bio-available gold have on you? That depends on your current state of mineralization and personal bio-chemistry. Many have confirmed that within days or weeks of cell saturation dreams do indeed become brighter, more vivid and more memorable. Some have claimed ability to lucid dream for the first time ever and generally more productive and valuable dream experiences, as well as a wide range of emotional and cognitive enhancing benefits to the waking state. For a full list of benefits research and personal experiences visit

By: Chad Ashley Vandenberg
Visionary Founder: Elements for Life

2nd Annual RISE UP Musical Talent Search

This is a search for phenomenal performers of original material in the categories Hip-Hop/Reggae, R&B/Soul and Pop/Rock.
The finals will feature a showcase of the top 4 performances in each of the 3 categories being judged by celebrity record producers Tim Kelly &Bob Robinson who have sold 170 million records and worked with Mega Stars like Madonna, P-Diddy, Michael Jackson, and Boyz II Men. James DuBose, TV producer for BET’s show staring Keisha Cole “The Way It Is” will also be on our panel of judges!
Rise Up is also a vocational program for students between the ages of 14 to 21 in the Portland Metro area that focuses on the music industry from making a song to marketing it to publishing rights.

Contestants will be competing for a prize package that includes
Trip for four to Tampa Bay,
Featured article in Flossin’ Magazine,
Photo shoot and makeover from Wilhelmina Model and Talent Agency,
Rumble Fish10 hours of Studio time

Wednesday Oct 22 The Crown Room 205 NW 4th Ave
Portland OR

Sunday Nov 1nd Jefferson High School
Portland OR High School Competition 2pm till 7pm

Saturday Nov 2 Club Platinum 126 SW 4th St
Corvallis OR

Wednesday Nov 5th The Crown Room 205 NW 4th Ave
Portland OR

Saturday Nov 8th The Old Mill Martini Bar 360 Powerhouse Rd #210
Bend OR

Finale Friday November 14 8pm until 2am Bossanova 722 E Burnside St,
Portland, OR

The night will also feature special performances from Liquid Assets recording artists Soul P, Lil Syck and Twisted Insane

For more info contact Leah Hunter Flossin Media at 503-236-7904

$20 general admission and $100 VIP. Ask us about V.I.P. Table Special

Special thanks to the following sponsors for their contribution to the success of this event.
The Army
Wilhelmina Model and Talent Agency
Black Sheep Publicity
Outlaw Starz
Rumble Fish
Divine Designs Salon
Crown Room
The Old Mill Martini Bar
Six Ultra Lounge
Jefferson High School
Club Platinum
Beautiful Ent.

Leah Hunter
Black Sheep Publicity/Flossin Media

What is the Fiscal Cliff? Everything You Need To Know – YouTube

Fantastic Coralani Designs trunk show Nov 24 6-9pm Anahata Co-op Coral Lani 1s tplacepro2011 #ModifiedStylePortland

i love the autumn sun.

Posted: September 28, 2012 in Any& Everything

i love the autumn sun.

I like learning JavaScript! I have been in school for 3 years waiting to take this class and understand OOP. I am looking for a paid internship where I could learn more Java, Jquery and php. Please leave me a message if you know of any companies or teams I should contact.

TekPlanet’s Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010 (MOSS 2010) training program is
designed to help IT professionals to deploy and manage the SharePoint 2007/2010 Server. It
allows developers the ability to customize SharePoint 2010 solutions and empowers users and
site administrators to use SharePoint enhanced enterprise wide collaboration. At TekPlanet
our SharePoint acumen is a unique blend of the over 40+ combined years of SharePoint
consulting and implementation experience of our instructors. Our team is equipped with an
innovative coaching style and learning solutions that are tailored to fit your needs; both in
class, through effective course material, and online, via TekPlanet virtual Learning Center.

The TekPlanet team of instructors and architects provide a Robust training portfolio of cost-
effective SharePoint training courses; designed to effectively transfer technology “how-to”
to our customers and empower them to realize the full potential of Microsoft SharePoint
technologies. With an established history of successful course instruction; TekPlanet is the
destination to fulfill all your SharePoint training requirements.

SharePoint 2010 Boot Camp Training

This intensive, hands on (3) day course; teaches all the essential SharePoint 2010 features. Learn platform architecture, setup, administrative and planning best practices, business process modeling, content types, workflow modeling.

At TekPlanet the SharePoint training registration fee investment includes your tuition, hotel room, course materials, certification guides, 30 day post training consultation, SharePoint training laptop workstation for hands-on labs, fully loaded TekPlanet MOSS 2010 Virtual Machine for SharePoint Training, Continental breakfast and gourmet lunches.

**Onsite Courses have a limit of 10 students per instructor. The instructor limits are in place to ensure one-on-one trainer to student ratio, interactive learning and to deliver the highest quality SharePoint training sessions by maintaining a smaller, personalized classroom setting.

SharePoint 2010 Power User Training

This (3) day course; Provides a practical methodology to content, site
creation-collection and administration, advanced business uses of SharePoint
2010, effective use of workflows that apply to content through sites and site
collection, document-records, and web content management and publishing.

SharePoint Training Registration Fee Investment Includes

At TekPlanet the SharePoint training registration fee investment includes
your tuition, hotel room, course materials, certification guides, 30 day post
training consultation, SharePoint training laptop workstation for hands-
on labs, fully loaded TekPlanet MOSS 2010 Virtual Machine for SharePoint
Training, Continental breakfast and gourmet lunches.

**Onsite Courses have a limit of 10 students per instructor. The instructor
limits are in place to ensure one-on-one trainer to student ratio, interactive
learning and to deliver the highest quality SharePoint training sessions by
maintaining a smaller, personalized classroom setting.

SEO is like sand in the desert always shifting and reforming. I have been learning to use robot.txt and XML site maps and this post helped create some clarity.

How important are XML Sitemaps and Robots.txt to a website? VERY! As 2010 came to a close and the New Year was quickly approaching, it was time to revisit all of our past work for the year and propose a strategy for 2011. Sure, we analyzed analytics reports, populated new keyword lists, re-evaluated PPC campaigns, strategized online marketing techniques such as email blasts, press releases and social media; but before any of this, we needed to re … Read More

via Fortune Web Marketing Blog

Benefit for Sisters of The Road, CHAP, Out to Pasture Sanctuary

Modified Style Fashion Show 2011

It’s all for fun! 

Modified Style Portland is annual fashion show fundraiser approaching its third year in Portland.

Mission: Modified Style Portland raises awareness of local non-profit organizations by featuring unique and wearable fashion created using sustainable practices by participants of all skill levels. Basically, you have fun and design or attend, we raise funds and awareness for awesome non-profits.

Modified Style Portland 2009 and 2010:

Raised $2000 in the first year and $6,000 in the second, effectively tripling our fundraising goals.

We had over 30 designers participate in the 2009 show and 50 in 2010 65 in 2011.

Past emcees include Stephanie Ortmann from Fox 12 News and Marjorie Skinner from the Portland Mercury

Past sponsorships include:

  • BridgePort Brewpub
  • PGE Park
  • Honest Tea
  • Nike
  • Portland Center Stage
  • Widmer
  • Providence
  • Brewhouse Studio
  • Willamette Week
  • Yelp
  • Deco Distillery
  • Yelp
  • Black Sheep Publicity

Collectively, raised awareness for Sisters Of The Road, Caldera, Junior Achievement and Out to Pasture Farm Sanctuary, Children’s Healing Art Project.

Modified Style Portland 2011 is coming this May. Stay tuned to this site for exciting news and updates.