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Benefit for Sisters of The Road, CHAP, Out to Pasture Sanctuary

Modified Style Fashion Show 2011

It’s all for fun! 

Modified Style Portland is annual fashion show fundraiser approaching its third year in Portland.

Mission: Modified Style Portland raises awareness of local non-profit organizations by featuring unique and wearable fashion created using sustainable practices by participants of all skill levels. Basically, you have fun and design or attend, we raise funds and awareness for awesome non-profits.

Modified Style Portland 2009 and 2010:

Raised $2000 in the first year and $6,000 in the second, effectively tripling our fundraising goals.

We had over 30 designers participate in the 2009 show and 50 in 2010 65 in 2011.

Past emcees include Stephanie Ortmann from Fox 12 News and Marjorie Skinner from the Portland Mercury

Past sponsorships include:

  • BridgePort Brewpub
  • PGE Park
  • Honest Tea
  • Nike
  • Portland Center Stage
  • Widmer
  • Providence
  • Brewhouse Studio
  • Willamette Week
  • Yelp
  • Deco Distillery
  • Yelp
  • Black Sheep Publicity

Collectively, raised awareness for Sisters Of The Road, Caldera, Junior Achievement and Out to Pasture Farm Sanctuary, Children’s Healing Art Project.

Modified Style Portland 2011 is coming this May. Stay tuned to this site for exciting news and updates.

This is a design I created for branding. I took the image and converted it into a mask so I can change the size color shape and shadows at all times creating many effects and using the same image over and over to brand in different places.

Jillian Ann’s Spotlight page on SoundCloud

LA-based singer-songwriter, Jillian Ann is like a quilt of talent and color woven by the threads of time patients and skill. Jillian’s ability to master not only art but technology adds to her tapestry of creativity and ability to drive her vision to the world stage. Jillian is a manifesting generator of content that is rich and electrifying. Reflecting the world’s essence of dark and yet debonair appeal captures two side of the brain.
Eloquent lyrics evoke a feeling of immortality and the message of the path of light is uplifting and freeing from the binding chains of everyday for the misfit and mundane into mondain. (adj 2. characteristic of fashionable society; worldly World English Dictionary).

Singer Song Writer Jillian Ann

"Set it Off" check it out on SoundCloud