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Jillian Ann’s Spotlight page on SoundCloud

LA-based singer-songwriter, Jillian Ann is like a quilt of talent and color woven by the threads of time patients and skill. Jillian’s ability to master not only art but technology adds to her tapestry of creativity and ability to drive her vision to the world stage. Jillian is a manifesting generator of content that is rich and electrifying. Reflecting the world’s essence of dark and yet debonair appeal captures two side of the brain.
Eloquent lyrics evoke a feeling of immortality and the message of the path of light is uplifting and freeing from the binding chains of everyday for the misfit and mundane into mondain. (adj 2. characteristic of fashionable society; worldly World English Dictionary).

Singer Song Writer Jillian Ann

"Set it Off" check it out on SoundCloud


S to the P Soul P

Posted: January 21, 2009 in Music
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Soul P “Back At It Again”
Soul music has been an integral part of pop culture since the very first record hit the turntable. From Elvis Presley to Jay-Z, everybody needs a bit of flavor to be successful. These days, it goes unsaid that there is a constant stream of new hip-hop and R&B artists trying to make their voices heard. And the more soul you have, the better the chance that you’ll get noticed.

Portland is fast becoming a leader in the hip-hop movement, and Soul P. is one of the best emcees that Portland has to offer. This man is destined to change the way you view the art form of hip-hop. Born and raised in Seattle, Soul P. has been through the struggle and is ready to share his musical vision with the world. Growing up in The Yesler Terrace neighborhood, Soul P. came face-to-face with the harsh realities of the streets at an early age. Even though he was surrounded by crack cocaine and gang warfare, Soul P. persevered. These early experiences influence his music, giving Soul P.’s lyrics and rhyming an authentic flavor that is rarely found in today’s sea of commercialism.

Soul P. is an emcee with an extremely solid resume. He began his solo career by independently releasing two critically acclaimed albums, Simpy Soul and The Soul Affect. Both albums are noted for their gritty street-influenced production and meaningful lyrical content. These records established Soul P. as a serious contender in the underground music scene. With his explosive combination of intelligence and strength, Soul’s independent material gave him a solid platform on which to build his music.

In the summer of 2005, Soul P. took the opportunity to record the street banger “5 Fingers” for a prominent underground mixtape series helmed by DJ Morphiziz. This project led to a close working relationship with Beatmart Recordings, a young Nashville-based hip-hop collective. Soul P. continued to build and work with Beatmart Recordings and over the following months and talks eventually led to an official record deal. As soon as material was ready, Soul P. and Beatmart released Soul’s label debut, The Premiere.

The Premiere gave us a look into both sides of Soul P.’s persona. Soul is without a doubt a hip-hop afficianado with his roots on the streets. On the other hand, this man keeps a deep personal faith in God. In his own words, Soul P. explains. “My relationship with God is one of the main messages that I wanted to get across with The Premiere. I want people to understand that after everything I’ve been through, that album was like my movie premiere. Up to that point I had been through so much and dealt with so much garbage. Now I’m here to give a message of hope to those who’ve dealt with their own struggles. I can equate this to Allen Iverson finally getting the chance to play pro ball. To those who are going through something, keep believing ’cause you will have a premiere.”

The following year, Soul P. and Beatmart parted ways on friendly terms. Once again looking for a label home, Soul P. tried searching in his own neck of the woods. His relentless work ethic and intense flavor grabbed the attention of Liquid Assets Recordz, a local Portland label with a taste for street appeal. Within months of inking a deal with Liquid Assets, Soul P. was hard at work on a mixtape, once again grinding it out in the studio. During this time, Soul also started his own music group called King’s Empire.

After focusing on his faith with The Premiere, Soul P. is ready to focus on his hip-hop. His work with Liquid Assets has already spawned a number of solid west coast jams, including “West Coast Blues” and “Money Money Money.” His lyrics cut to the chase; Soul P. is not an emcee who pulls any punches. Over pounding rhythms, Soul waxes poetic about life on the streets of the Northwest. You won’t find any sugercoated hip-hop around here. As listeners clamor for more, Soul P. and Liquid Assets are already preparing Soul’s debut for the Liquid Assets Empire.

In the vein of any good leader, Soul P. is equipped with a battle plan. He is convinced that he has to hit the market where it’s at. “I hope that the market will continue to open up their eyes to hip-hop,” Soul P. comments. “There is a huge need for creativity in the genre right now. I want to help change the idea of how it should be done. Liquid Assets and I are here to make hot, hot music. I want the world to know that you can’t put hip-hop into one little box.”

How do you represent a dynamic individual like Soul P. with just words? Forget the outside hype and let him talk for himself: “I’ve been through a lot,” declares Soul P. “Now I’ve got to go for the top. Liquid Assets and I are going to work hard together and reach our ultimate goals. It’s going to be tight.
Leah Hunter
Black Sheep Publicity

Wisdom was born into a family of musicians and poets. He was first exposed to hip hop culture at the Ernest Ingold Boys Club in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco, after moving there with his mother at age 6.

Wisdom found refuge in writing and performing his first songs at an early age. Rooted in life experience, his diverse style incorporates lyrics that are streetwise with a political edge. He explains: “world issues and human suffering were common topics of discussion in our household, as well as exposure to many types of music and cultures. My music is a natural extension of this.”

After launching a successful clothing line called Wisdom Creations, he was invited to perform with Cyber Octave/Virgin Records recording artists Medicine Drum on their 2002album release “Original Face” and toured the world with them for two years. Returning from tour, Wisdom felt that his lyrical content was evolving to reflect his hopes of inspiring social change on a global level. In his words, “if we believe, we can achieve anything. It’s all possible.”

After producing a new studio album, Wisdom’s natural next step was to assemble a group of musicians, which was soon dubbed the Wisdom Creations Band, and now includes bass prodigy and son of Tito Garcia (former lead singer of Santana), Luis Garcia; keyboardist Matt Berkeley; award winning gospel drummer Thomas McCree; world-renowned percussionist Mingo Lewis, Jr.; Chicago underground lyricist and spoken word artist Seasunz, and the newest edition, DJ Cocheze from KRS-One’s Temple of Hip Hop.

Wisdom’s unique blend of conscious lyrics with live hip-hop and reggae continues to gain attention nationwide. He won the category of “Best Hip Hop/Rap” in both the 2005 and 2006 North Bay Music Awards and was labeled “one of Nor Cal’s favorites” by URB Magazine (Massv Global Get down, Dec 2004). He also appeared in the 2006 documentary film “The Indigo Evolution” alongside philosophical greats Ram Dass and Don Miguel Ruiz sharing his views on the potential of gifted children to change the world. Chris Deckker, founder of EarthDance International Festival (, affirmed that Wisdom is “one of the most progressive and conscious bands to emerge from the hip-hop culture. “Truly an electrifying performance!”, said Carol Bruno, lead producer of the legendary Reggae on the River festival (, agreed. She beamed: “Wisdom is conscious and a lyrical, cutting edge hip-hop laced with reggae dancehall beats… Look out for these guys!”

His music can be sampled and purchased at In 2006, the band released the highly anticipated album, “Growth and Elevation,” which was recorded both in Prairie Sun Studios in Northern California and Moodswing Records in Hollywood, CA. It features Jamaica’s own VP recording artist Warrior King as well as female vocalists Jemini and Nasambu, and was produced in part by former engineer for Baby Face, BigChris Flores. As a result of an artistic transformation which followed the recent deaths of both his mother and grandmother, the new album transcends any previous musical production Wisdom has released.

An updated list of Wisdom’s upcoming tour dates and Wisdom Creations music and clothing can be found at For booking, email For publicity information, email

Wisdom won the category of “Best Hip Hop/Rap” in the 2005 North Bay Music Awards

Labeled “one of Nor Cal’s favorites” by
Urb Magazine (Massv Global Get down, Dec 2004).

“Wisdom was the closest thing to a dancehall artist on the Ragga Muffins bill”
Eric K. Arnold, San Francsico Chronicle February, 2007

“I have been waiting 20 years for a group like Wisdom to emerge from Hip Hop culture”. “Wisdom is the future of Hip Hop”.

Wisdom was featured in the documentary film
The Indigo Evolution
Also Featured were philosophical greats
Ram Dass & Don Miguel Ruiz

Growth and Elevation
Features Jamaica’s own VP recording artist Warrior King
Produced in part by former engineer for Baby Face, Big Chris Flores.

Reggae Rising Performed and hosted 2007-2008 (15,000+ attendees) EarthDance 2007-2008 Performed (5,000 + attendees) Reggae on the River Performed 2004-06 Hosted in 2005 & 2006(8,000+ attendees)
Earth Dance International Festival 2003-06 Headlined (7,000+ attendees)
Cow Palace 2004 (10,000+ attendies)

2nd Annual RISE UP Musical Talent Search

This is a search for phenomenal performers of original material in the categories Hip-Hop/Reggae, R&B/Soul and Pop/Rock.
The finals will feature a showcase of the top 4 performances in each of the 3 categories being judged by celebrity record producers Tim Kelly &Bob Robinson who have sold 170 million records and worked with Mega Stars like Madonna, P-Diddy, Michael Jackson, and Boyz II Men. James DuBose, TV producer for BET’s show staring Keisha Cole “The Way It Is” will also be on our panel of judges!
Rise Up is also a vocational program for students between the ages of 14 to 21 in the Portland Metro area that focuses on the music industry from making a song to marketing it to publishing rights.

Contestants will be competing for a prize package that includes
Trip for four to Tampa Bay,
Featured article in Flossin’ Magazine,
Photo shoot and makeover from Wilhelmina Model and Talent Agency,
Rumble Fish10 hours of Studio time

Wednesday Oct 22 The Crown Room 205 NW 4th Ave
Portland OR

Sunday Nov 1nd Jefferson High School
Portland OR High School Competition 2pm till 7pm

Saturday Nov 2 Club Platinum 126 SW 4th St
Corvallis OR

Wednesday Nov 5th The Crown Room 205 NW 4th Ave
Portland OR

Saturday Nov 8th The Old Mill Martini Bar 360 Powerhouse Rd #210
Bend OR

Finale Friday November 14 8pm until 2am Bossanova 722 E Burnside St,
Portland, OR

The night will also feature special performances from Liquid Assets recording artists Soul P, Lil Syck and Twisted Insane

For more info contact Leah Hunter Flossin Media at 503-236-7904

$20 general admission and $100 VIP. Ask us about V.I.P. Table Special

Special thanks to the following sponsors for their contribution to the success of this event.
The Army
Wilhelmina Model and Talent Agency
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Outlaw Starz
Rumble Fish
Divine Designs Salon
Crown Room
The Old Mill Martini Bar
Six Ultra Lounge
Jefferson High School
Club Platinum
Beautiful Ent.

Leah Hunter
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